Thursday, January 22, 2015

October 1 enrollment

the report is here
O'Connell: asks for individual class enrollment
Allen: motion on that outstanding item is to be reported in a Friday letter
waiting for 9th grade at Worcester Tech to be assigned
25,191 students as of October 1
497 students up from last year.
87.5% of students K-12 who are enrolled in school attend the Worcester Public Schools

and I said a whole bunch more...notes to come! It did get referred to Accountability.
UPDATE (from my notes): we not only have a rising enrollment; we have a rising rate of low income. Now reported at 74.5% of students, but is probably underreported, as students in secondary don't fill out the form
That's the district: in schools, rates vary from mid 30% to high 90%
While as a district, we do not disadvantage our schools with more low income students on funding--in fact, they may have an advantage due to Title I, for example--they do have a disadvantage when it comes to parental capacity in fundraising, which impacts the school in other ways.
Important to note as well, thinking of this weekend, and that "Truly diverse schools are an educational imperative," concerned as well about wide racial disparities among schools: some as high as over 70% white, some as high as 80% children of color. If we take our Constititutional charge seriously of education including "sincerity, good humor, and all social affections," we need to pay attention to that, and, while not forcing family choices, work for a more integrated system.
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