Thursday, January 22, 2015

petition from the EAW on North High

EAW petition regarding staffing at North High
North High faculty has signed the petition to you
referral here is to budget
"largest or one of the largest population of WPS  students but of the high schools it has the second lowest or the lowest number of staff"
"more staff in the building, is more people in the halls, more staff on duty"
"North High is a great school, and there are a tremendous number of great kids in that building"
numbers haven't kept up with the numbers of students
"you can do more with less under a block schedule"
"while we appreciate and recognize that it has been worked on, it needs more to be worked on"
guidance situation, "way way out of line with what it should be"
Petty: will have this at the budget meeting
Boone: certainly appreciate the communication from North faculty
"exemplifies the difficult recommendations made to the School Committee" last year
transition from block to
76.6 to 91...added nearly 20 teachers over last four budget
North High only high school slated to receive additional teachers this past year, due to enrollment
O'Connell: supplement from enrollment report for numbers in classes when sent to budget
also let North know when the budget hearing is
numbers at have grown substantially
same issue will arise this spring
staffing that are most vital to us
Monfredo: as a former principal that the schools go through
Novick: passing along from Miss Biancheria need for promise of students in building and new building being met
budget priority setting session
Foley: reconcile numbers that are here
Hearing this Saturday at Nashoba at 11 on the foundation budget (PLEASE COME!)
special education costs are costing $35M more a year
health insurance costs more than $25M more a year
if people could make it, it would be a powerful statement to make

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