Friday, January 9, 2015

"In truth" about charter school enrollment

I've just left the following as a comment on today's Telegram and Gazette editorial by the head of the Mass Charter School Association:

Mr. Kenen asserts: "In truth, charters serve the same population of high needs, minority and low-income children as their host districts, and have steadily increased enrollment of special needs children and English language learners (ELL)."
This is not and has never been the case. A quick check of the 2014-15 enrollment data for the two Worcester charter schools Mr. Kenen cites demonstrates that neither reflects the Worcester Public School population, something which is most marked in the very "high need" catagory of which Mr. Kenen appears to be most proud. To wit:

Students with a first language other than English:
Abby Kelley 24.2%
Seven Hills 36.3%
Worcester Public 47.3%

English Language Learners:
Abby Kelley 7.1%
Seven Hills 21.7%
Worcester Public 35.1%

Special education:
Abby Kelley: 10.3%
Seven Hills: 11.1%
Worcester Public: 19.3%

If Mr. Kenen wishes to speak "in truth," he would do well to get his facts straight before making such assertions on the editorial page or elsewhere.

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