Sunday, December 13, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday, December 17

The regular meeting--and final one of this year and this term--of the Worcester School Committee is Thursday, December 17. You can find the agenda here. 

The report of the superintendent is the school safety and security assessment. It's not that long or dense, so if you're interested, do go give it a read.

We have some recognitions (yes, it's Ms. Ramirez and my final meeting), including Dolores Gribouski who has spent her whole life in the Worcester Public Schools.

We have a citizen petition regarding student arrests.

Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports is reporting out.

We're being asked to accept a donation of $500 for Goddard Scholars; $5,720.35 to Lake View School from a spelling bee; donations of $500 each to Claremont Academy, Gates Lane School of Science and Technology, Grafton Street School, Midland Street School, Tatnuck Magnet School, and Forest Grove Middle School from Big Y; and $195.00 from JVE Co, Inc. for Tatnuck Magnet School.

We're being asked to thank Robert Kraft for his donation of $100,000 to Worcester Tech (which hasn't yet been received) and the Rotary for their donation of $50,000 to Worcester Tech (? I assume? I don't know where that one went).

And we're, yes, being asked (told?) to reduce the FY16 budget by $501,120 "to reflect the final state budget for charter school reimbursement and tuition assessments."

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