Monday, December 7, 2015

I can't believe I have post these charts again

But since it appears we're going to have another round of proposals to cut central admin, let's look at the actual numbers.
First, here's Worcester's FY13 central administration spending compared to other urban districts:
That's from page 373 of the WPS FY15 budget. 
But, some would say, what if all those other districts are just spending too much?
Okay, how about compared to what the state says we should be spending on central administration?
That's the comparison of what WPS actually spends on central admin to what the state says we should spend from the F&O report on the Foundation Budget Review Commission implications.
It's really easy to say "principals say," but what is happening right now is admin responding to ongoing, years-old pleas from principals across the city who have been asking for more support. They're starting to get it, and they should. It isn't just one or two who have certain school committee members' ears; it's much more widespread. 
It's pretty straightforward: as a district, we need more hands in the Quadrant office (and several other places downtown), not fewer. Calls to do otherwise aren't responding to actual school needs.

UPDATE: And the position is already posted, incidently.

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