Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Digital Literacy standards

the backup is here
Chester: "great effort and a great advocacy of this public/private partnership"
students consuming and creating information
creating and modifying technology
technology in several different contexts

"our work is focused on the standards, which provides the foundation of what we're doing"
"how public education should embrace computing"
"work together to introduce computing more broadly to every student in the state at every grade level"
hasn't been a lot of controversy: "everyone just is saying 'how'"
fluency in uses and impact of technology for living, learning, and working
huge gap between number of job postings and number of graduates in computer science
"computing historically has not been part of STEM"
disproportiate enrollment of white males
moving forward towards formal adoption: public comment in January with adoption proposed for spring

four strands proposed:
  • computing and society
  • digital tools and collaboration
  • computing systems
  • computational systems
practices: connecting, creating, abstracting, analyzing, communcating, collaborating, and researching

grade span standards, flexibility for schools, no plan to mandate assessment
a lot of the societal impact stuff will evolve over time and will need to be updating
are designed to be "integratable" with other courses

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