Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's the end game?

Good for Senate President Stan Rosenberg for getting it on the charter expansion question:
Rosenberg, during an interview with WBZ's Jon Keller that aired on Sunday, said many senators have concerns about the financing of charter schools, admission policies and student retention rates.
"Over the 20 years, these concerns have been raised but they've been swept aside," Rosenberg said.
The Amherst Democrat went further when he suggested charter schools were not initially intended to be a widespread alternative to traditional public schools and, at some point, may be "played out."
"The issue is if you take the ballot question and you take it to the logical extension and conclusion there is no cap any longer if the ballot questions passes and so that's the issue. When we passed it initially they said 25 charters. We're now up to 80 charters. How many more charters do we need in Massachusetts for this experimental approach to education to be fully played out?" Rosenberg said.
That's a State House News report, incidentally; I await the day when the press starts acknowledging that this default waiting list number has had serious concerns raised about it by the State Auditor.

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