Monday, December 28, 2015

9C cuts...

You may have missed it in your holiday planning, but, bad news:
Despite growing revenues, Gov. Charlie Baker is still considering mid-year budget cuts.
...and I've heard from multiple places that it's pretty serious consideration.
As a reminder, 9Cs can only be made by the Governor in Executive office spending:
The Governor can only use 9C powers to cut funding in parts of the government that are under his control—in other words, his 9C authority extends only to the executive branch agencies. The Governor cannot use 9C authority to cut local aid, the courts, the Legislature, or other constitutional offices. The Governor can file legislation recommending cuts to those other areas of the budget. The legislature can then pass a law with those cuts, or with other cuts, new revenue, or the use of reserves.
You might remember that we went through this earlier this year at the end of February. Worcester Public Schools lost half a million dollars in one fell swoop, and with a midyear cut, the impact is double.
Should Governor Baker hit Quality K this year again, if your district is on this list, they'll get hit. 

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