Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spring 2016 assessment

The list is here.
Biancheria: know we've talked about this in the past few weeks
when you made this determination, was there discussion with the principals?
Rodrigues: rule from spring 2016 is following: schools that administered PARCC this past year, will administer PARCC again this year. Schools that administered MCAS had a choice
Principals' choice
O'Connell: understanding we provided the principals a one way choice; I understand that has been the viewpoint of the Department of Education at this point
would it be appropriate for us to ask state to let schools go back to MCAS?
Rodrigues: had a lengthy conversation with Commissioner about this at the urban superintendent network
only choice is to do paper or computer version
a whole different test in 2017
O'Connell: was there any effort made to get schools that did PARCC last year do MCAS
Rodrigues: yes (and they got nowhere)
Novick: concerned that schools staying with MCAS, particularly those that are Level 2, have a greater chance than usual of sinking a level
did schools know that?
Rodrigues: yes, was part of the conversation
Novick: notice that we're going all paper: is there a reason?
Rodrigues: state unwilling to give a response to difference between paper and computer, so crunched numbers. Our district and others have noticed a real difference
Novick: would hope can share with us and with the state

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