Thursday, December 3, 2015

Interim Superintendent Entry plan

You can find our backup here.
Rodrigues: how I intend to keep the district moving forward to June
build upon our successes
"effectively collaborate with all members of the WPS community to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes a high achieving school district"
  1. interim re-organization of admin team; addition of third quadrant manager through June; realign office staff
  2. open, fluid, honest, communication protocol: meetings with stakeholders, monthly meetings with principal leadership; weekly superintendent update; master schedule for SC items; public engagement; communication with delegation; enhance report of superintendent (including "closer look" series starting in February)
  3. high quality teaching and learning: multi-tiered system of supports; advanced high school academy; focus on level 3 schools; coordinated review; focus on ELL and special ed and graduation rates; individual learning plan starting with seventh grade (through Naviance)
  4. respectful, positive climate and culture: safety advisor; training in school resource officer model; revision of MOU with WPD; climate and culture report card; student/family guide to student discipline; evaluate safety audit; implementation of Worcester HEARS
  5. FY17 budget: presentation with Governor's budget; ongoing budget status through spring; budget to be out May 13, 2016
Monfredo: reach out and listen to the community
communication and transparency: 
safety certainly will be a high priority

O'Connell: many of the concerns that are addressed in the plan are those that have been emphasized
communication and school safety
front and center in a key way
"would hope that meetings include...professional associations of staff"
"opportunity to express exactly what their concerns are"
"speak up very candidly and effectively"
"good news, bad news, let us know"
focus on budget: hope that we'll be able to look at it very aggressively to free up funds 

then I spoke

Foley: reflect the feelings of the School Committee
challenge to implement it all
when we do meet with the state delegation: Foundation Commission report
"we know that they aren't going to turn around and be able to generate an additional $90M" but to begin the fight
"really build upon your links to the principals"
would stress the need for immediate information as things come up
"and I don't want to hear about everything"
most important items so we can respond to them right away
"budget process past several years has been outstanding"
"going to be a challenging time for us"
"thank you and this is a good start"

Ramirez: appreciate public engagement plan
"I hope to collaborate in that"

Biancheria: "I was hoping more money could go to the classroom"
"concern that we become top-heavy"
job functions have to be distributed to the right people
transparency of creating new things and looking of things outside of the box
appreciate timely response to items
look forward to information we receive on academic 
hope for "MOU that actually works for us"
doesn't mean that it should be under the City Council or brought to City Council
"do agree with my colleagues that it has been advantageous to us to sit and discuss our budget"
comments that budget for several years came out over Memorial day weekend

Rodrigues: realizing savings by virtue of space in admin

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