Monday, December 21, 2015


No doubt you've heard that the federal omnibus (budget) passed and was signed. I've continued to hear that school aid is up, and even that Title I is up, but there's a whole lot in there, and I've been searching for a greater level of detail.
Via EdWeek, I found it; the Committee for Education Funding (whom you can follow on Twitter) has a nice breakdown of not only the level that passed, but also the levels proposed at various stages and the levels at previous years.
And that first line sure does look like Title I is level funded. And remember: if you're funding much of anything, but most particularly salaries, level funding is a cut, assuming any kind of contractual increase. 
As you scroll down, do note the footnotes.
What this means for any given district or school remains to be seen, of course, as Title I grants vary by school enrollment and awards won't be known until next summer. But how much money there is over all certainly will make a difference.
I'll keep an eye out on this and post again should I find more. 

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