Thursday, April 30, 2015

Student Discipline report

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Boone: important to implement ch 222 with fidelity; direction to Legislature and examination of our procedures
The new student discipline law has the express purpose to: 
  • Limit the use of long-term suspension as a consequence for student misconduct until other consequences have been considered and tried as appropriate. 
  • Promote engagement of a student’s parent/guardian in discussion of the student’s misconduct and options for responding to it. 
  • Assure that every student who is expelled or suspended, regardless of the reason for suspension or expulsion, has the opportunity to receive education services to make academic progress during the period of suspension or expulsion. 
  • Keep schools safe and supportive for all students while ensuring fair and effective disciplinary practices.
Rodrigues: educational services must be provided to students during the disciplinary period; make sure they can make educational progress
schools must develop an education service plan for all students who are suspended from school for more than 10 consecutive days
Communciation to parents has to include offense, basis of charge, potential consequences, opportunity for hearing & information about hearing (including interpreter)

yearly report to DESE on students excluded for more than 10 days (broken down)
districts and schools with significant disparities in explusion shall develop and implement a plan

Suggested revisions:
  • student on student assault should be considered under 37H (latitude to suspend for longer)
  • long term suspensions should carry over to the next year (thus a suspension in spring now goes only to the end of the school year; suggestion is to carry over to the next year). Boone notes further than those suspended in the first half of the school year have to serve the full time; those in the spring don't.
  • emergency removals cannot exceed two days; due process hearing may need longer for contacting guardians; conducting hearing; takes assistant principals away from other duties. Need more flexibility in timeline to ensure due process
  • 10 days for in-house; but in-house keeps them in school
  • right to appeal within 5 days: not enough time for parents or for Superintendent to schedule
District suspensions have been in decline for a number of years already; predates the law change
has been a steady decline in single suspensions, 2-4 day suspensions, 5-9 day suspensions, and 10 or more
same is true in elementary

highest ranked in infractions (not suspensions) inappropriate behavior (both elementary and secondary schools)
Boone: principals have been an integral part of influencing, implementing policy
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