Thursday, April 30, 2015

Advanced (IB) Academy

Biancheria: asks for updated timeline
Boone: if it is specific to planning year, then administration will move forward
there will be updates
O'Connell: we cross the Rubicon
cost of dollars, time
asks to hold for one month
when we're going to have to reduce major positions (?)
"in the light of budget which we have yet to receive" and hopes to receive in the next month (we're getting it next week)
Boone: have been very clear to School Committee about timeline
Monfredo: may have to hold back on the academy
not assured that the program is being

Novick: I noted: budget isn't a mystery, already exists, hasn't come to us yet
policy to design budget falls to SC, not admin
several other times that we vote on this, FY16 budget, innovation plan comes to SC, FY17...
committed to this not being another plan that is created and gathers dust on a shelf
considering innovation plan and timeline as part of the process

Petty assures that money will come from city for this program
Biancheria: makes a difference at how she looks at it

Passes 6-1, O'Connell opposed.
Coverage by the T&G here

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