Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Joint meeting of K-12 Board of Ed and Higher Ed board

currently discussing "Cross Sector initiatives"
conversation around dual enrollment in high schools and college

Higher Ed board member Hoffman advocating for a formal policy on dual enrollment
Higher Ed board clearly interested in this chart (p. 4) on early college options.
concern from Calderón-Rosado about preparation for college, students having to remediate
inviting experimentation of remediation at state colleges
"evidence from around the country that there are better ways of determining college readiness than Accuplacer"
many did take Board up on this and are experimenting with other models; most prominent models are using high school GPA (of 2.7); that level allowed them to entire credit bearing courses at the same rate as students who succeeded at Accuplacer
Noyce offering credit-bearing model to as many kids in high school as possible
what are we doing to lower cost of college?
Keep tuition and fees down; increase scholarships. "Most striking thing here is a stronger role in scholarships."
state currently ranks 46 in the country in the value of our needs-based grant; covers about 7% of cost of attending
Gabrieli asking if larger goals should be set for coming year, comments that state is double paying; incremental funding to start conversation, but what is needed for bigger expansion
Sagan "frightening statistics...frightening numbers of young people who are delivering unprepared"
(that's half of kids who are entering state colleges from MA public schools)
"can ask more of our schools and our kids" speaking of language used on remediation

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