Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Boston proposing merit bonuses for administrators

From yesterday's BPS newsletter:
Superintendent John McDonough has proposed a reform of the salary structure for the district's principals and headmasters, the latest in a number of initiatives aimed at closing achievement gaps for Black and Latino students.   The new structure would allow Boston to better compete for top talent and provide incentive to retain high performing school leaders. Principals and headmasters who earn a proficient or exemplary rating in their annual evaluations would qualify for a three or four percent increase. Those who rate proficient or better for five or more consecutive years would receive bonuses to recognize their talent and as an incentive to stay in BPS.
Salaries for school leaders serving fewer than 800 students would begin at $122,000. Salaries for school leaders serving more than 800 students would begin at $142,500. Currently, the starting salary for a BPS school leader ranges between $105,000 and $120,000.
On the plus side, because the Mass evaluation system for administrators has multiple parts, this isn't just going to be the "raise test scores, get a bonus" model that has led to such issues elsewhere. On the other hand, merit pay proposals are usually not a fantastic idea. There's also not a lot of evidence that it does "recognize...talent."

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