Friday, April 24, 2015

Meetings next week (with UPDATE from the Council agenda)

More to come on both of these, but both the Governance subcommittee and the full School Committee meet next week.
Governance meets on Tuesday at 5. This includes an update of the employee social media and computer use policies (which has been on here since last June), updates on making WPS the school of choice, the question of having a Title I parent council, and Rep. O'Day's H3793 on health education.
The full Committee meets on Thursday at 7 (6 for Executive Session). The report of the superintendent is on the school disciplinary policy. Remember that there is also the public hearing on the proposed grant for security communication between schools and policy, as well as the vote on the proposed IB school.

UPDATE: Also, I see from the Council agenda that we've hit the annual "I'm on City Council, but I'm doing School Committee's job" season:
Request City Manager obtain information/reports from the appropriate departments prior to this year’s budget as to the cost(s) and feasibility of implementing full-time Worcester Police Officer(s) and/or metal detector(s) in each of our public high schools and the current costs/expenses associated with security measures thereat. (Bergman, Rosen)
A) not the City Manager's (or the City Council's) job and B) (multiple reviews of the research reveal) not something that actually makes schools (or ballparks) safer.

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