Thursday, April 9, 2015

FY16 budgetary priority list

School Committee members were asked to submit their own lists. The following are the items that had more than one member submitting them.

  • ​​Class size (Petty, Biancheria, Monfredo, Ramirez)
  • More teachers [which may or may not be the same] (Petty, Foley, O'Connell)
  • Classroom supplies (Biancheria, Foley, Novick)
  • Advanced Academy (Petty, Foley)
  • More secondary classes/fewer studies (Petty, Monfredo)
  • Facilities (Petty, Novick)
  • Safety (Biancheria, Monfredo) [Foley added]
  • Support Personnel (Foley, Novick) [Ramirez added]

  • Monfredo: concern about attendance; Boone not a large budgetary impact
    Foley: add onto safety for conflict resolution

    Bianchera: the consolidation; understand why we would like to look at items that people are interested in
    appreciate addition of Foley to safety for conflict resolution but also for supplies
    asked for elimination of a particular position; concerned that in past years we have made statements on priority lists that blanketed a particular department
    don't think that I could be any more clear
    would like to see added to a priority list the cut of the communications position
    Boone: in response to eliminating the position, "I will remind the School Committee that I did provide information last fall"
    funded by Channel 11 funding; outside of School Committee purview as it is not in operational budget
    Biancheria: don't recall information being sent again

    Monfredo: 3rd grade reading level
    Boone: part of district improvement plan; "none of that has changed"
    seven point financial plan: "focus on the classroom"

    Ramirez: tutoring could go under support personnel

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