Thursday, April 9, 2015

Advanced Academy update

From this written report
Boone: Doherty location was chosen for ease of access citywide
school would need 10-12 classrooms, when operating at full capacity
was largest school in district at October 1 count
adding Academy would exceed 1600 students (which is as full as it has every run)
"operation at the existing Doherty" property is not an option at this time
have already begun conversations around possible alternative space
would still be affiated with Doherty

innovation school process
application made by eligible applicant; prospectus submitted to superintendent to be reviewed by screening committee
principal and one teacher from volunteers in district; union would select their designee
Vote at April 30 meeting

Monfredo: hearing that Doherty doesn't have space
"offer compromise; hold back funding for this year"
consider innovation for 2015-17
"not a need this year to have this proposal"

Petty: this is important
"have stated that we are not going to take funding away from other programs to create this school"
Boone: enhancement to existing programs in district

Novick: eligible applicant would be...assistant principal developing with committee
where students to be enrolled still to be determined and will remain undetermined at time of School Committee vote
location still be central, looking for proximity to Doherty

Ramirez: additional dollars with innovation?
(short version: no)
other flexibilities: calendar, day, curriculum
would we ever consdier partnering with a college for space?
Boone: using all options; "higher education is not off the table"

Biancheria: space before we decide what we're actually going to do for the budget?
Boone: budget provided with initial proposal
will have to be amended based on costs associated with a site that we don't learn
costs of the planning year don't shift based on space
Biancheria: do we have specifics for the science labs? Yes, updated labs in high schools
"perhaps should consider multiple options"
Boone: will be bringing back recommendation to the School Committee

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