Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Second Annenberg report on black and Latino males in Boston Public Schools

In a report that's being released tonight (5:30 at the BPS new Bolling building in Roxbury), the Annenberg Foundation, working in cooperation with the Center for Collaborative Education, found that:
“Scholars suggest that being explicit about the impact of racism in schools and society and developing an antiracist school culture in which people of color feel a sense of belonging and empowerment will lead to better outcomes for students of color,” the report said. “In contrast to this wisdom, the predominant mindset about race and gender in the case study schools was one of invisibility.”
You can read the Globe on this here.
The study was commissioned by BPS under Superintendent Carol Johnson in 2013, and this is actually the second phase of the report. This phase was intended to report on (as the title suggests) practices that were working, but the researcher struggled to find ones. Instead, they more deeply explored where the schools and students are at now.
For an introduction to critical race theory, see, for example, Delgado and Stefancic 

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