Tuesday, April 7, 2015

more to read on the Atlanta verdict

You've no doubt caught that 11 of 12 Atlanta teachers and administrators were found guilty on various charges--mostly rackteering--around the cheating scandal. Note that the superintendent involved, Beverley Hall, died of cancer last month. Those found guilty, with the exception of one woman due to deliver a baby shortly, were immediately taken into custody.
Also note that larger questions of why teachers might find themselves in such a situation largely have not been part of the national conversation (possibly except for this New Yorker story from last July).

There's a whole lot going on here, so I'd recommend P.L. Thomas on the burden of the impossible, Jason Linkins about accountability in America, Richard Rothstein (likewise) on accountability but also numbers, Nancy Flanagan on power and control in test-cheating scandals, and Jos√© Vilson who pulls the identities of the teachers into the larger conversation around what our schools are facing.

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