Friday, February 13, 2015

WPS wins Meritorious Budget AGAIN!

Looking for some good news this Friday the 13th?
The Worcester Public Schools, for the second year in a row, has won the Association of School Business Officials' Meritorious Budget award! Thus, basically, this is the people who do budgets saying, "good job!" Or:
By working through the MBA Criteria Checklist, you will discover best practices in budgeting that will improve your budget's accuracy and transparency—building your stakeholders' confidence in your district's finance office.

The MBA Criteria Checklist provides a foundation for developing a reader-friendly budget document that:
  • Presents clear budget guidelines.
  • Promotes communication between departments and the community.
  • Encourages short- and long-range budget goals.
  • Supports effective use of educational resources.
Nice work by Mr. Allen, Ms. Consalvo, and all those who wrangle decimals and crunch numbers!

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