Monday, February 2, 2015

Rep. Kline, House chair on education

Rep. Kline
"Thanks for the applause, I don't get it all the time, so I'll take it when I can get it."

"spent 25 years in the Marine Corps; there is no 'late'"
want every child in every school to get an excellent education
"we have work to do and you know it and you're engaged in that work"
NCLB "too often in the way"
federal DoE "in your business, and they need to get out of your business"
been tilting at this windmill, trying to get this bill passed
eliminates AYP
consolidates 62 federal grant, and creates a block grant
"in short we are trying to reduce the heavy footprint of Washington"
"so indeed every child is getting an excellent education in every school"
"we are working on career and technical education...Perkins"
"child nutrition...oh my gosh"
"I want to touch on IDEA and special ed"
single most important thing I could do "Fund special ed"
"have never gotten to half" of what was required
asks that we start with funding IDEA

Q: opportunity for comment on ESEA
Kline: not the floor leader, but am told will have time the last week this month to bring to the floor
Senate is acting
plan to get a bill to President by end of year

Q: discussion of looking at nationally normed test?
Kline: think it's important that people know how their schools are doing, need a report card
have data that can be disaggregated
federal imprint on it will be taken away from it
"I think that's preferrable, I realize not everyone agrees with that"

Q: workforce education, concerned about dropping of mandate for civics education
concerned "about preparing students for the workforce than for the world"
Kline: "prepare for more than the workforce...don't dismiss importance of workforce"
want a broadbased education
pains me every day to hear people talk in ignorance of civics, but don't want that dictated from Washington

Q: education as great equalizer...hear "defense here, public education here:"
Education is our key economic driver for our country; how to speak to that
Kline: "when you visit you make your case"
compares federal spending as proportion of full spending on education vs the military

Q: why is education the only program that has mandated and punitive accountability standards?
Kline: it shouldn't

Q: concern will lose focus on music and the arts?
Kline: think states should decide for themselves where they're going to put focus
"can't keep adding federal programs"
pushes consolidated grants for federal grants

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