Thursday, February 5, 2015

Superintendent's contract

a few details:
Three year contract (through June 30, 2018)
base salary increases by 2% each three year
vacation to 25 days (from 20 days)
tax deferred compensation increasing to 4% from 3%

O'Connell: concerned about a three year contract for a variety of reasons
would support a one year contract
performance had many areas of strength, need improvement on many areas of concern
parents involved in schools
well-staffed, well-populated site councils
is able to have time to meet performance goals
$400,000 golden parachute

Biancheria can't agree to a one year contract for reasons mentioned

Foley: professional environment; appropriate contract is three years
infamous golden parachute is very unusual, has an opt out for us; able to end contract WITHOUT cause

Vote 5-2, Biancheria and O'Connell opposed

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