Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back to school tomorrow! Evening update from the Superintendent

We've just received the following from Superintendent Boone:

​Good evening!

This winter seems relentless! If it's not the snow then the frigid temperatures are dominating the weather. February vacation gave us the much needed time to complete snow cleanup on grounds following a very historic three weeks of snow. Obviously, roof capacity and loads due to snow accumulation has been a focus and concern. Last week, visual inspections were conducted at all by buildings by our structural engineer. We took action based on his recommendations. An outside contractor was hired to remove snow from buildings where necessary. Removal continued through yesterday. In addition, our staff removed snow where needed, including the modular units. Snow removal has been ongoing on those units following each significant storm. The City Inspector continues to inspect the structural integrity of modular units.

The Facilities and Operations leadership and staff have planned the work in a very efficient manner and conducted all necessary visual inspections and removal in a very effective manner. City Manager Augustus also made DPW support available to support our snow removal efforts at some of our schools. Based on the above actions, schools are ready to open under normal operating status tomorrow morning!

To date, nine school days have been missed due to snow and/or dangerous temperatures with the last day of school now set for June 25, 2015. We are preparing a recommendation to the School Committee on options to makeup the missed days and to be prepared should the weather necessitate additional missed days. The Commissioner of DESE issued general statements and guidance and we will be following up with the department to finalize our recommendation.

The forecast for tomorrow does not include precipitation but the arctic blast returns!!! Please stay warm and walk/drive carefully because today's melting will refreeze over night.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have questions or need additional information.


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