Friday, February 6, 2015

Governor Baker's FY15 budget cuts: Worcester Public Schools impact (round one)

Well, we knew it was coming.
We had the statewide numbers on Tuesday (see here and here). We've now got a first look at what it's going to mean for the Worcester Public Schools with a memo last night from administration.
And it's not good. In brief:

  • While the circuit breaker has been cut, it's being cut from the DESE side, rather than the district side, so we won't be hit on that.
  • Charter school reimbursement, which is already only at 60% of the reimbursement amount, down to 55% of the reimbursement amount.It's not clear how this will work district by district, but it's going to hit Worcester education spending ('though not the WPS).
  • Assuming the cut to kindergarten grants hits ours, $212,000 lost of the funds for IAs in kindergarten. That's equivalent to 17 (of 63). Note: do I see us cutting those positions now? No. But I don't know where it's going to come from, either.
  • Head Start supplemental funding is cut by 11%, which could total $128,000 for Worcester. That's extended time for our Head Start students.
  • There's also a 20% cut in MCAS student support, 22% in innovation schools, and 6.5% in extended learning time.
More coming late next week.
UPDATE: and some commentary here

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