Thursday, February 26, 2015

Yes, you should come testify at the Foundation Budget Review Commission!

Maybe even after all my posts about how the foundation budget isn't complicated, you're not convinced.
Maybe you aren't going to be able to wrap your head around net school spending and inflation factors by Saturday.

You should still come testify at the Foundation Budget Review Commission!
Of the four sections of the FBRC's purview, focus on this:

educational programs and services necessary to achieve the Commonwealth's educational goals

That just means: what does a good education look like? 

That also means: what does your school not have, to give the kids a good education, that it should?

As I posted earlier, just taking health insurance, special education, and inflation, the Worcester Public Schools' foundation is undercalculated by at least $70 million a year
That's a lot of money.

Is your child in a class with too many other kids?
Does the school run out of paper by spring?
Does the high school have the variety of classes it should? Are there enough sections for the kids who want to take them?
Is there building maintenance that's been put off?

What would you want for your child's or your students' education that's missing?

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