Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ESEA waiver renewal: board of ed

Chester: must apply in March
three year renewal of our waiver (had a one year renewal on our initial two year waiver)
uses five level accountability system
keeps us out of AYP
doesn't require use of Title I and IIA as fed requires (state's requirements instead)
"Congress is putting a LOT of energy" into ESEA renewal
"if that happens, this process could be moot"
reminder that 100% proficiency requirement under NCLB

presenter notes that Board does not need a PowerPoint "need to cut right to the point"
"want to keep a lot of that intact"
cutting proficiency gap in half "has been the work of our schools"
new requirements "things this agency had already been working on prior to submission"
measureable impact on student learning in teacher eval

Intend to bring back "enhancements" not radical changes, next month
with testing decision up in the air, and ESEA possibly being renewed, not wanting to do too much to change
presentation with vote on March 24; due to fed on March 31
Roach asks if they could just pass it
no presentation yet, so March
Peyser: "curious about enhancements...my impression is to do as little as we can to get as much flexibility as we can...why would we change that?"
answer: have learned a lot about accountability system, for example, how ELL students are figured in
Peyser: "a little concerned about getting the policy making ahead of the board, just to get the application in"
Chester: if you're saying let's not commit, nor ask permission for what we don't have to, we're on the same page
Peyser agrees

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