Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We are ON for Wednesday!

Back to normal! Here's the full post from WPS:


The Worcester Public Schools will open on a normal schedule on Wednesday, February 11, 2015.
We expect that adding 200 buses and over 3,500 employees to the streets tomorrow will make traffic slower than normal throughout the city.  We ask for your patience as buses make their way to their stops in a safe manner and we ask staff to plan for these delays as you are getting to your school. 
We know that many side streets in the city are narrowed by the snow and our buses will do their best to get to their stops timely, but we expect travel on these streets will be slow. 
We have spent the last several days after the historic snow levels plowing parking lots at schools and making the walkways in front of and around schools accessible for students, staff, and parents.  There are many schools where parking is very limited and the amount of snow this week will make parking at schools even more difficult.  Over the next several days we will be removing snow at various locations to free up parking spaces at these locations.  The declared parking ban on city streets is still in effect. 
Most importantly, we ask motorists to be extremely careful on side streets and around our school buildings as 12,000 of our students walk to school each day.  Snow piles at street intersections and on many sidewalks may force students into streets.  Please watch out for our students that have to walk on streets.

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