Monday, February 23, 2015

Worcester's latest update on spending compliance

h/t to An Education Blog for pointing out that the Net School Spending compliance reports* were updated as of 2/17.
The latest update for Worcester is that we are currently under NSS by $3,085,579 .
This puts us at 97% of NSS.
That's including a $2.9 million carryover from FY14, which was largely a $2.5 million carryover from FY13.
(This is updated again from the Superintendent's update of 1/23, which had us under by $3,016,988.)

*Should you be looking to do this yourself: download the FY14 compliance report, open in Excel, enable the macros, and scroll down to your district. They're in alphabetical order [Worcester is 348], with regional and vocational districts last.

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