Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

The Worcester School Committee meets Thursday at 7. You can find the agenda here.
We have two recognitions, including the Burncoat High Quadrivium, who are singing the National Anthem(!).
The report of the Superintendent this week is the graduation and dropout report.

We have a petition from a North High parent. I suspect that this will be taken up at the same time as the Superintendent's proposed action plan (no backup; looks like it's coming at the meeting) and Mr. O'Connell's proposed "listening session."

We have some retirements and resignations and appointments.

Ms. Ramirez would like us to consider a teacher residency program like Boston has.

Mr. O'Connell would like to recognize those that support Let's GO, WEMS.

Mr. Monfredo is announcing "February Love a Book Month."

Mr. O'Connell wants to support Chandler Elementary in pursuing a playground (?).

Mr. Monfredo wants to recognize Grace Presbyterian Church for their contributions to Chandler Magnet.

Administration wants to schedule a hearing on the IB school. They'd like to do it at our next meeting, effectively instead of our next meeting, at City Hall. Note, by the way, that we haven't gotten any additional information since our first meeting on this.

We're being asked to accept a grant for $11,512 for Creativity Innovation (Yeah, I don't know either. The backup is there and I still don't know).

We're being asked to approve a prior fiscal year payment of $360.82 (it's correcting an incorrect figure).

And, in something that we just got last night, we have the Elm Park Community School turnaround plan.

We do have an executive session scheduled for 6: to discuss the superintendent's contract and for an update on litigation relative to elevator fines (that's all I know).


jb said...

The 2014 dropout rate is reported
as both 2.4% and 9.6%. The 2.4%
is an "adjusted" dropout rate
with no explanation.

Tracy Novick said...

JB: You can find how the state runs the numbers here:
The 9.6% is cummulative over the four years of high school. The 2.4% rate is adjusted, as it includes the kids who have come back. You can get an even better idea of how many kids make it by looking at the five year rate, and including the GED.
Thanks for asking!