Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Worcester School Committee meets tomorrow!

The Worcester School Committee has its first April meeting tomorrow at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here. 
First up, several recognitions: of students, of teachers, of staff, and of the ski team!
The report of the Superintendent is on the wraparound zone (it's not up online yet, but you can find it here).
We have some new school nutrition help being appointed, as well as one bus attendant.
We have several reports coming back from administration:

  • results of the first year of the Gateway to College program at QCC
  • observing September 2 as World War II commemoration day
  • on the establishment of debate clubs (Doherty has one!)
  • on the establishment of Mock Trial 
  • response on Reading in Our City week for 2013
  • response on summer reading posters
  • response on the 2013 Worcester Police Summit
  • response on participation in the 2013 Summer Youth Works Program
  • response to guided tours at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial at Green Hill Park
  • response to Teacher of the Year distribution (if you're a WPS employee, you can make a nomination! So can site council members and PTO members!)
Mr. O'Connell has an item on developing a protocol for inviting elected officials to significant WPS events.
Mr. Monfredo (I suspect, not alone!) is lauding Doherty's production of Guys and Dolls.
Mr. Monfredo wants administration to create a plan to communicate with our local delegation.
Mr. Monfredo is encouraging participation in the Home Run Reading Club (you can get a ticket to the Bravehearts for this summer!).
We're asking for appreciation for those who organized the Women in Science Conference at the Ecotarium.
Mr. Monfredo also recognizes the poster winners in the "Safe Jobs for Youth" contest. 
Ms. Biancheria is asking for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 baseline reports.
Ms. Biancheria is asking for the number of art and music teachers and the number of study halls at the secondary schools, and the number of teachers and students per high school (PLEASE NOTE: budgetary implications!).
Miss Biancheria is asking what programs are happening during the summer months.

And we have donations: $5000 to Worcester Tech for work with the Ecotarium; $1000 for Jacob Hiatt Magnet for their playground renovation (!).

And BUDGET HEARING DATES: June 5 and June 19 at 4 pm! Mark your calendars! This is when the Worcester School Committee, line by line, account by account, deliberates and passes the FY15 budget.

We also have an executive session tomorrow night: several collective bargaining issues, one litigation update, and a grievance.

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