Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Duplication of services: Worcester City Council

a few notes from tonight's Council discussion regarding merging of services
"in light of all the budget discussiont hat's been going on for the last month or so"
city as an umbrella
"finally come to the crossroad where we really need to buckle down and look at every efficiency possible"
"where we can knit together"
early retirement
"anything we can do to move this forward"
"We're at the ceiling...no one can absorb any more"
"owe it to them"
working task force
"if it means that one department has to merge with another department and it's under the schools, so be it"
owe to the public to look at every option available

"brought up every other year"
like to see wording of Chapter 70 to merge of service
Barnstable did make an attempt and succeeded in merging some services
call on MMA and see what communities have done so

Economou: Chapter 71, section 37M
Section 37M. (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of chapter forty-one or chapter seventy-one or any other special or general law to the contrary, any city or town which accepts the provisions of this section may consolidate administrative functions, including but not limited to financial, personnel, and maintenance functions, of the school committee with those of the city or town; provided, however, that such consolidation may occur only upon a majority vote of both the school committee and in a city, the city council, with approval of the mayor required by law or in a town, the annual town meeting or in a town with no town meeting, the town council.
(b) Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, a decision to consolidate functions pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section may be revoked by a majority vote of either the school committee of the city or town, or the city or town, or both as such vote is described in said paragraph (a).

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