Tuesday, April 22, 2014

art and music and study halls

report is here
Biancheria: study halls per high school
"as we look towards our future, are we taking into consideration that there are some schools that have" so many study halls
Boone: challenges that we face with a budget of sustainability; haven't been able to drill into this the way that we would like to
part of making sure that we are able to address the increase graduation requirements that School Committee has approved
Allen: FY15 budget will have a reduction in secondary teachers: "believe it will not reduce course options" thus should not increase course options
difference between Tech and others is a scheduling issue (as Tech has week on and week off)
look at what courses students are interested in and address that with the appropriate number of staff; "not something that's going to happen in FY15, but we're looking forward to it in future years"
Biancheria: thought North was due to previous block schedule, but Doherty has similar number
"hope we can at least bring that number down"
Boone: working with principals to examine their scheduling process to ensure that we have maximized class options
Biancheria: study halls supervised with a teacher
Allen: yes. This report does not give number of kids in each study hall. Essentially five classes per period are set aside as study halls.

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