Monday, April 28, 2014

Public hearing on FY15 WPS budget

plea to keep Fast ForWord program
keep class sizes as low as possible for students

query as to additional city contribution goes where? non-NSS, like transportation
how does current deficit affect that? number tonight shows only required growth, as we don't know
but city is required to make up gap from this year? Yes
success of WPS is success of city
School Committee must "really take on the role of advocates...go into these conversations and force these issues"

how much do we lose at school choice? $2.7M
theory that other districts spending more
"a lot of students opting out...we're creating between students and parents who have the wherewithal who can take advantage of the choice at opt out...and those who do not"

Monfredo: meeting Net School Spending still only hits the bottom of the barrel

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