Monday, April 28, 2014

reopening schools

you can find the report here
Allen: "kind of a realistic estimate of what it would take to reopen some of our schools"
some of the space is being fully utilized, and moving those programs would create rental costs
Harlow being the only short term possibility
all of Central Mass Collaborative's rental agreements are up this year; they're looking to put it all in one site, which would open up Harlow to us
that would be 12 classrooms
that would be about 250-300 students
between $1.7M and $2.5M, though some of those costs are already covered
some things we wouldn't know until you knew the needs of the schools and possible reallocations
Ramirez: "that's one way to go...overcrowded middle schools, as well"
Allen: "administration agrees with you...doesn't identify as an elementary school"
Foley: may want to look more systemically
Novick: could spin up use of space over several years
any plans for the space if the Collaborative moves? not yet

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