Thursday, April 10, 2014

Waivers falling apart?

In the past two days we've had some waivers on No Child Left Behind coming apart at the seams:

  • It looks as though Washington state is going to find out what happens when you get your waiver from the federal government revoked. D.C doesn't like Washington's proposed teacher evaluation system, as districts can use either state or district tests for teacher evaluation; D.C. of course wants it to be the state test. As the state legislature adjourned without changing the law, it looks as though the ball is back in the DOE's court.
  • Sacramento announced yesterday that it is leaving the group of California districts that have their own No Child Left Behind waiver. California as a state does not have a waiver, but a group of districts went over the state's head directly to the fed and got one; now that is falling apart, and it's also over teacher evaluation systems.
I should note that this attempt to tie teacher evaluation to student test scores is the part of the waiver that has been postponed in Massachusetts, as well, 'though so far the DOE seems satisfied. 

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