Sunday, April 20, 2014


...or Round two of "No, no expansion in administration"

Should you be checking in on WPS internal postings or hearing of them, you will have seen some or all of the following from this past week:
  • Facilities Director
  • Technology Focused Instructional Coach
  • Health and Physical Education Liaison
  • Evaluation Team chairperson
  • Focused Instructional Coaches at Clark Street, Canterbury, Elm Park, and Burncoat High
All of the above are current positions in the Worcester Public Schools. 

Very briefly: the Facilities Director is THE person who oversees any and everything having to do with buildings and grounds for the 50 buildings that we have for the Worcester Public Schools; he (currently) is the point person on everything from snow removal to heat to construction and renovation. 
The Technology Focused Instructional Coach is the person who gets teachers to the place they need to be for our kids to be able to do with computers and other technology that we want and need them to be able to do (and, not at all incidentally, one of the most in demand people in the district). 
The health and PE liaison is the one person in the district ensuring that the information that literally saves kids lives is being delivered in the classroom everywhere--in every school--in the district. 
The evaluation teams are the special education IEP teams; the person who coordinates those meetings with parents, staff, and others, and works through the decision making process is both legally necessary and crucial to the process. 
The focused instructional coaches--funded by Title IIA funds for that are for professional development and thus are not able to be used for other staffing positions--are how WPS does in-house professional development. 
All of these positions are projected to be continued in next year's budget.

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