Monday, April 28, 2014

Layoffs going out today

I hate having to post this. Best information I have, with emphasis added, though: the Worcester School Committee received the following this afternoon from Superintendent Boone:
The Administration continues to work with the City Manager regarding the FY15 funding level based on the House of Representatives budget and the amount of city contribution for next year.  The WPS Budget will be available on Friday, May 9th and will be balanced based on our estimate of local, state, and federal revenue for next year. 

In order to meet our contractual obligations with the EAW, we need to proceed with posting of job vacancies for next year. To conduct this process, we must notify employees that will be laid off or displaced next year as a result of the budget deficit based upon the Administration’s recommended budget.  These layoff and displacement notices are being provided to employees today.    

In the elementary positions, we are planning on an average districtwide class size of approximately 22.8 students and we do not anticipate class sizes of more than 30 students (unless lack of available space within schools do not allow for additional teacher positions).  Also, please know that we “over cut” the number of positions to allow for a number of positions to be available in August/September to address enrollment changes that often occur between now and the start of the new school year. 

With regards to secondary school positions, the reductions identified by the Administration would not reduce course offerings to students next year.  However, we also do not see any changes in the number of study halls offered next year. 

I am working closely with City Manager Augustus on the budget level for next year.  I will provide a full summary of the budget actions that will be included in the Administration’s FY15 budget once we finalize the level of city funding for next year.  I will provide this information as soon as we have a bottom line budget. 
And I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is no budget until it is passed by the Worcester School Committee at the end of June.

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