Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

The Worcester School Committee meets this Thursday for our last school year meeting.
We'll start in budget session at 4 pm with account 500-91133, School Nurses, to which it is proposed that we add three (hurray!). And do recall that no account of the budget is officially passed until the whole budget is passed by the School Committee meeting in budget session, and then by the School Committee meeting in regular session.
We'll recess to exec at 6, and be back at 7 (or thereabouts) for our regular session, for which you can find the agenda here.
As it is the last regular session, we have a large number of recognitions coming through (including this year's nurse and teacher of the year award winners). It's also the last meeting of Sergio Paez, who is heading off to be the superintendent of Holyoke. I've also just learned that Kaitlyn Furcinitti, who is coming through in recognition of her music scholarship, is going to be playing the National Anthem on the cello for us!
We have Governance and Employee Issues coming back with their report on the policies review.
We've also got a series of reports from last week's budget session, including a question on federal grant funding, what we have for gymnastics equipment, and what we might need to run a gymnastics team. If you're interested, take a look at that and let me know what you think.
We've got a response coming back to the Center for Nonviolent Solutions teacher course (that it's being publicized).
There is a proposal coming in from Mr. O'Connell and Mr. Monfredo that we comment on proposed regulation on school lunches (though the back-up is a letter from two majority members of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and I can't find the proposed regulation...a little confused on this one).
We have several proposed congratulations.
We're being asked to receive a donation to the Worcester Tech plumbing department from the Donald Martineau, Sr. Memorial Fund.
We're doing our annual selection of a delegate and an alternate to the Mass Association of School Committee annual meeting in November (willing to bet this one is coming in from Dr. Friel; if we register early, we save money!).
I've asked that the City Manager report on the short and long term benefits of contributing to an Other Post-Employment Benefits trust fund (that's OPEB; a report we haven't seen).
We're being asked by adminstration to consider all items filed by the School Committee in light of the FY14 budget (this is the annual "you know that these things aren't free" reminder).
We're supposed to be getting a mid-year report from Superintendent Boone relative to her goals prior to the meeting on Thursday. I'll post once I have it.
And then my item, below, (which apparently Mr. O'Connell contacted the clerk to co-sponsor) regarding questions on the One Library system.

Also, a reminder: we'll return to budget session after our regular session if we haven't completed the budget when we recess to exec at 6. We will, however, pass our budget, one way or the other, on Thursday night.

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