Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Federal grant audit and other audits

Foley: fewer and fewer recommendations coming forward over time as we change to fit them
Allen: these are not even all of our audits
"This year's management letter does not have any findings for the School Department; these are all city-side findings."
have in the past included student activity accounts; Sullivan and Rogers engaged to review how we do them
majority of findings resulting in the indirect cost rate legal dispute
(this is the city taking 3% when we've authorized their taking 1%)
purchase orders going through a process to be sure they aren't disbarred from doing business
"we assume the city does that check" as we pay them to do
"we will also do the check" now
Foley: "The city did not comply with allowable costs..."
notes that the city is citing HUD in how they are setting their takings

Accept and file

agreed upon accountants' report
change in how costs are reported (reflecting DESE categories)
details of which account categories go into which account
costs reported to state go into those categories: to make sure how we are spending our dollars as we are to do
"we've looked at the way you're spending the dollars and you're following the state guidelines"

administrative charges of city administration called out as not having been updated since 2007
Allen notes that we have an outstanding item on renegotiating the administration agreement; that the city and schools have already met an impasse, and seeking input from DESE
Foley: looking a cuts in Head Start, tutors, IAs...losing $900,000 a year due to the 3% rather than 1%
Allen: "those are positions"

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