Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twenty years after Ed Reform

Twenty years ago this month, the 1993 Ed Reform Act passed the Massachusetts Legislature.* So, twenty years in, how are we doing? Citizens for Public Schools has a report out today answer that question. Taking a look at the executive summary, CPS finds:

  • The foundation budget, after twenty years, no longer accurately reflects the cost to provide a quality education that can enable all students to succeed. 
  • On the MCAS, significant gaps remain among student groups based on race, poverty, ethnicity, language and special needs, with some gaps stagnant and some increasing.
  • National research and surveys of Massachusetts teachers found the focus on preparing students for high-stakes MCAS tests has contributed to a narrowing of school curricula, most severely in districts serving low-income students. 
  • Commonwealth charter schools have not contributed to equity of educational quality and resources.

They also propose solutions.

*just ahead of a court judgment finding that the state was not equitably funding schools. Yes, these are related.

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