Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Third quarter report

Day by day subs is projected as a deficit $73,249
coaches at a surplus of $19,631
summer school days now surplus of $210,000 (all of summer school days are now next fiscal year)
crossing guard added at Grafton and Hamilton street and one at Apricot and Goddard Memorial (deficit of $6,997)
need substitute nurses; increasing nurses next year
transportation increasing: adding out-of-district transportation (due to IEP)
deficit in workers' comp (as per always)
personal services up for translation and legal consultation
in-state travel (which is largely for teachers who are at multiple schools)
increase in price of gasoline
projected deficit in utilities as we have not seen the ESCo savings projected: "somewhat puzzling as to why those savings have not occurred"

Allen: workers' comp is annually underfunded, unemployment account underfunded, tuition account has been in deficit due to cost of third party services (bringing them back in will not necessarily mean that we don't need them any longer)
FY14 will fully use the unemployment just on tutors
School Committee should know that there may well be need for transfers again next year
request for transfers for end of fiscal year on tomorrow night's agenda

Foley: dally with workers' compensation and unemployment: already under-budgeting them

Novick: good to see responsiveness of administration to school need on crossing guards
concern with low amount of money left in facilities budget at this point in the year; investment of state in our buildings; need to do our part as well
Allen: districts underspending across the state; generally found to be spending not as much as needed in teachers, but not true in Worcester
underspending in facilities, support staff, administration
question as to where to find the money

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