Thursday, June 6, 2013

Educational support; printing and postage; out of state travel

Colorio: credit recovery lab:got moved to this account?
Allen: for clarity
works at North High
Biancheria: compares to North High's line item
change in salary from last year to this: decrease in salary
Allen: not the same person
Boone: moved the location of this person's pay to educational support
Allen: there was a retirement
move happened last year; change was noted in quarterly reports
Printing and postage approved
In-state travel approved
Out-of-state travel
Biancheria: zero to $5,000
grants no longer covering the expense
Boone: was not zero; it was reflected in a grant budget
being reflected in an operations budget
Biancheria: tax-based dollars of $5000
Luster: "happy to have the opportunity to discuss the Worcester Public Schools teacher recruitment program"
plan to attend a job fair in Chicago: to benefit from loss of teaching positions there
3 to 4 out of state fairs for national recruitment
Biancheria: Chicago an excellent location to begin the process
"don't have an issue with recruitment"
"also reads staff development" ('though that line item is set at zero)
Luster: "can barely manage our recruitment efforts with $5000"
Allen: staff development and personnel office both are in here, but none of the money is for staff development (which it says in line B)
Colorio: how many teachers are recruited this way?
Petty suggests "success rate": getting a report
O'Connell: recruitment trips out of grant funds?
Allen: Title IIA funds used for recruitment
O'Connell: still have Title IIA funds available? still exists but in a reduced form
Allen: 8% reduction, as across the board

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