Thursday, June 20, 2013

And that's the FY14 budget passed

The FY14 passed in budget session, as amended by yesterday's memo. That's a budget that:
  • dealt with a $3 million hit in federal cuts due to sequestration
  • hired an additional 30 (as of yesterday) teachers
  • added a significant number of options for our high school students largely language and arts
  • added middle school intramural sports
  • added sixth grade at Worcester East Middle per their innovation plan
  • added additional sports opportunities for high school girls
  • found a net $2 million saved on special education as students are brought back into the system
  • adds three nurses, meaning we now not only have nurses at every school; the big ones have two!
  • began the five year cycle on replacing all the district's computers
  • funded rental space for the Chandler Magnet kindergarten thus keeping them from classes of 30
  • added a year to the dual language immersion program
  • added a network technician the ones who keep the system online and technology clerical trainer who gets principals, secretaries, and teachers up to speed on things like online report cards
  • managed a very slim 1% increase in utilities all that you'd expect from a school system of 50 buildings, 44 schools, nearly 25,000 students, and 4000 employees. 

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