Monday, June 17, 2013

One Library press conference

And Finz is here. posting as we go
Petty: "another great announcement for the city of Worcester"
Thanks everyone for being here today
"very positive impact on Worcester's youth...One City, One Library...little collaboration, working to get things done"
"things don't happen by accident...really amazes me how things get started...a couple of people have an idea, get talking...happened almost by accident"
"having library open during the day and also by night for the neighborhood"
Patty Eppinger: "all of our show"
"exciting time for Worcester...lots of positive energy, heading in a great direction"
"when we see a need, we don't just walk away, we try to get things done"
"critical to have our children have access to books, technology and professionals"
score higher on standardized achievement tests in reading
third grade
"many needs in our community..pulled in many directions...think to benefit everyone"
several months: "a group of very dedicated, very hard working volunteers...libraries back to schools and neighborhood"
worldwide system of resources, librarians, library staff
"all have a stake in helping our children and our neighborhood"
not exactly as accidentally as the Mayor referenced
....WPL Foundation, WEDF, WPL, WPS, UMass-Med, CM, WEC
MCAS scores on
"two reasons: to thank build and maintain the libraries that exist in our libraries today"
"four school-based children services branches opening in the fall, one per quadrant"
"update existing" technology...books, facilities,
"offer new programs that will make reading fun"
open to neighboring public when schools are not in session
"we all believe this will be a win-win situation"
sites chosen for "a variety of" neighborhoods, access from an outside entrance, parking
Plus a second Libby solely for children's services
asking principals to come forward
Principals of Tatnuck Magnet, Roosevelt, Burncoat Prep, and Goddard
"have graciously opened their schools to us"
cites O'Brien
CM O'Brien: "wonderful to be here"
"not looking forward to ice and snow"
"amazing work in our public schools"
volunteers are "a foundation that we hope to build upon"
improve access to all that our library has to offer to all of our citizens
"uniquely positioned to go and innovative way"
"children achieving their grade level reading ability"
Private/public partnership like no other
schools and libraries are "working together" to how they work on hours, staffing, access
current PILOT from WPI, Clark,
UMass-Med for $700,000 in materials
private support from WPL Foundation "going forward"
thanks subcommittee that "analyzed statistics on grade level reading
"pleased to announce the designated solely for library services...additional $250,000 towards this goal"
$1.25 million for year one
"some things take time, and age like fine wine"
Leary from UMass-Med
kids growing up in Worcester and staying here
used to be to work in the mills
45% of employment is higher ed and health care
STEM fields: early literacy
"very happy to participate, happy for you to have me hear today"
"would not happen without the 100% support of our superintendent"
Boone: share in the excitement of all on this stage here today
on my mind since I've been here, "I know was on the agenda of the School Committee prior to that"
"libraries not just places where we house books and we check them in and out"
"where lifelong learning really takes hold"
sister of an elementary librarian
rolling up sleeves
"when you have a vision, you have to bring something of substance to the table"
front-loading success...moving away from remediation
proactive stance
initial sites for this intiative
"every school has its unique do we use that to create the best for the schools and the community"
principals: hours, role of librarian in schools
still going to take a great deal to close the gap on hours and services
volunteers cited and thanks
"sibling of Libby"
"large school system and going to take a lot of effort to get where we need"
reading levels of 3rd and 4th grade boys used to calculate the number of prison beds are needed
"great and exciting day for the city of Worcester" and the Worcester Public Schools
Susan Gately: (president of WPL board)
proud to be part of the city of Worcester
"loveable, liveable city that we have"
"work together on the board with these big ideas"
cites library director for her "big ideas"
"really great ideas, resourceful, creative, responsive, impactful, bold"
four branches
"more reach with little Libby"
well-spent city resources: "I hope that we'll see more of all of you as we work to see this really great idea come together"
Leslie Fish (president of WPL Foundation)
"when the City Manager came and presented this idea to the WPL Foundation, not only did the Board immediately vote on it, a member wanted it to go down on this as 'enthusiastically'"
sent children to WPS, access to libraries
"superior resources of the Worcester Public Library...seems to be no other"
"going to raise the matching funds to complete infrastructure needs for this year"
working with WEDF to get the funds for the "little Libby"
comments that One City, One Library is up online (it's not...yet)
Rebecca Alt, library organizer from Tatnuck Magnet: parent volunteers at our school that is "an amazing group of people ever"
"to see our kids day in and day out enjoying it...such a highlight of being a parent at this school"
"this is incredible..makes what we did this year worth it, let's us breathe a little"

In closing, Patty Eppinger notes that this will cost $2 M for the first year, and thus far they have $1.25 M

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