Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More on Ed Reform at 20

The Mass Budget and Policy Center has joined the birthday party (?) for the 1993 Ed Reform. Their main point?

The foundation budget should be reexamined in light of all that has changed.
If you've been following the Mass Budget's analysis of how the foundation budget has aged, much of this will not be a surprise. For example:

Note that Worcester's numbers on this are different; we've been depriving facilities,student supplies, and basically everything except teachers, special education, and health insurance.

You may not, however, have seen this one:

They further note:
The Hancock case was filed in 1999, charging that the state had not fulfilled its mandate to provide adequate education to all students as mandated in 1993's landmark McDuffy school finance case. While the court in Hancock found that the Legislature had made reasonable progress during the 1990s, it stressed in its written opinion that it anticipated that the process of education reform in Massachusetts to be ongoing and that state revenue support would continue to increase.
That hasn't happened.
And it should.

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