Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exam / IB report

which, again, is here
Petty: thank Novick for the excellent job she did.
"I think you did a great job and you should be proud of that"
"excellent committee"
"no interference by the Mayor or the Superintendent"
"these are people we should keep track of"
learned a lot from this
"I think the whole purpose of this report...we're almost on the same page...provide academic excellence...provide that rigor...the exam is one part of the whole make the schools better...what our goal will be"
To administration for recommendation by the end of the calendar year
"goal here is not to hurt any of the high schools"
"when I asked Mr. Allen for $5 million next year...I think he was laughing at me"
ask Manager to come up money in the capital budget

And I can't type out all that I said here, but as I've told them directly: my thanks to the committee. A varied group, they trusted each other, were patient with each other, heard each other out, and worked well together. I really appreciate all that they did this past year. 

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