Tuesday, June 21, 2022

What happened at the last June Worcester School Committee meeting of 2022

 There were speeches and science awards and keys to the city, plus: 

Clock tower of Worcester City Hall at night
(Taken as I left last Thursday)

The agenda is here. Video of the regular session is here.

  • We settled a contract with our 52 week secretaries (NAGE R1-156)

  • We reported out on two subcommittees: the monthly F&O transportation update (which, note, is the final one at which there will be a "how short is Durham" report, as the contract ends on June 30); we also sent the transportation policies to subcommittee for redrafting, because they speak of contracted busing, and we won't have that anymore as of July 1.

  • ...and the joint meeting F&O had with Council's Education committee. This was the meeting at which we took up the outstanding MOU between the district and the Worcester police department (we don't have one), as well as questions of salaries and district representation. Bill Shaner (scroll down; you are subscribing to Bill, right?) covered at the time here; the T&G covered it here. The Council recently sent the district question to subcommittee with what I will call decided lack of enthusiasm. 
    I do, though, want to say it was encouraging to have now-Acting City Manager Eric Batista show up at the joint committee meeting to talk about the MOU issue. 

  • We renewed contracts with both of our legal district counsels; we have two: one for special education and civil rights, the other for labor law. And yes, they work for the School Committee, not the administration. 
Note that there are several items on there about the FY23 budget, which we passed at our 4 pm budget session. I want to take that up in a separate post. 

Also! Note that our transportation unit is currently voting on a two year contract; the School Committee has a meeting now posted for next Monday at 4:45 pm which will be just to respond to that ratification should it take place. That's to be sure it gets in before the end of the fiscal year Thursday! 

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