Saturday, May 8, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week

It has been quite a week, and so observance of Teacher Appreciation week was put off 'til today. 

I am of the strong opinion that the most meaningful way one can appreciate teachers is not to do so during a single week. 

We appreciate teachers when we vote for budgets that support schools as needed.

We support teachers when we vote for (yes) politicians who *actually* support public education and don't just give it lip service at election time.

We support teachers when we create and sustain conditions that make it a career that can be entered and continued by people of all backgrounds, not just those who can afford it, or those who look like most of the field now.

We support teachers when we fund support for families, such that teachers are not scrambling to also find sneakers and winter coats and snacks and the myriad of other things that kids need.

We support teachers when we build and maintain the buildings in which they work. 

We support teachers when we speak of it as a profession, that people study to enter, in which people develop skills over time.

We support teachers when we don't stand idly by when teachers, or the education profession in general, is denigrated online. 

So while I may be late in this week in saying thank you, please know that the above is how I try to appreciate teachers all the time. 

Thank you for your work. Please know how much I value it and you.

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