Tuesday, May 25, 2021

May 2021 Board of Ed: Acceleration Roadmap

 except first Riley's talking a bit about this

USDA free school meals through the end of next school year
turning attention to next year
take lessons learned during this year and create a clear plan moving forward
access to grade level content scaffolded
Create an academic plan for next school year 
and a multi-tier system of support

Komal Bhasin, Jackie Gantzer on the guide for next year

Focus on acceleration rather than remediation
"coordinated 'just in time' scaffolds"
using diagnostic data; align tier 1 instruction and tier 2/3 supports
"much more goes into practice than simply reading a guide"
professional learning to support schools "with the how"
stakeholder voice used "to select impactful strategies and structure"
shaping guidance leading to feedback to PD and training

"strong need for tangible actions and specific relevant resources"
prioritization of grade level standards
clear and consistent communication
students emphasized need for social emotional learning

1. developing a sense of belonging
2. monitoring student understanding
3. access to grade level instruction

phases over course of year; details with each action steps
start at top, identify what is in place, and focus on one step at a time
organized developmental in a chart

user feedback links throughout; feedback after PD; focus groups after rollout
culturally sustaining practices are woven in throughout
focus is on daily instruction 

planning for fall 2021 webinar upcoming
diagnosing and planning for unfinished learning
supporting students with diverse needs 

Stewart: how is this accomplished in the district?
"feels like you need a lot of people for one thing"
what will keep this moving forward?
A: resources for districts, review what they already are doing, move onto next steps
Stewart: families want to have access

Hills asks for differences between districts that use such resources more rather than less
important for all schools and districts

West: context of state's role in supporting good instruction?
Riley: state sets standards, haven't always been role models for good instruction, given exemplars for what we think good instruction is

Fern√°ndez: sounds like this would be optional? What is recommended?

Morton: very exciting creation of roadmaps
what experience of districts has been 
would ask to talk to schools that implement

help in meeting diverse needs of districts
throughout process identifying exemplars

Lombos would love to hear from districts that are already exemplars
would love to know who the stakeholders that were involved are
districts to participate based on where they're at; is there an assessment tool for that?
A: designed as checklist tool, organized around guiding questions

Peyser: framework around resources allocation and staffing
in context of ESSER dollars
"seems to me that some of those decisions...need to be engaged right now, so they can find those resources and allocate them appropriately"

Denniger: grants sequences on when they expire (nice chart! Will ask for it!)
What are the next three and a quarter years going to look like?
state must apply by June 7 for the final third of ESSER III
DESE must consult with stakeholders
must submit a plan
there's also a public survey which I need to find the link to
set aside funds for summer enrichment, after school, address lost instructional time
also have to maintain effort
similarly, districts have to (apply to the state by October) consult with stakeholders, 20% to address instructional time, submit district reopening plans (updated), have to maintain effort to highest poverty schools 

Hills: is there any attempt to make sure these funds are primarily for new initiatives? 
A: list of strong evidence based practices
funds technically don't have a supplement not supplant provision
districts have to be careful about not cutting local funding as they could run afoul of other federal grant requirements

Peyser: can't think of why local municipalities would want to use these funds as they're getting significant revenues themselves
Department doesn't have much discretion in granting?
A: have to draw a straight line

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